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Amazing and can be more!!

This is a great game and everything in it was awesome but I know there is so much more you can do to make it better and add more story or gameplay in it


This game is simple to get in to and hard to master and hard to quit, try it! So good that when I can afford it, I WILL be buying this dev a cup of coffee :3

Reminds me of FTL: Faster Than Light without combat

Which is a good thing btw, FTL is great.


This game is so much fun! It works your brain!

Very fun

Great game. It’s actually very fun. There’s a lot of different things that can happen and it’s fun trying to replay it to get a better home for the colonists.


I’ll be honest. This is not a game I can play for more than five minutes at a time. I get super bored because it’s so simple. BUT, there is no better game to play when you have a few minutes to kill, just to see if you can save humanity. Definitely five stars!


This game is extremely interesting and fun. I wish there were more games like this.

Great but can get a bit repetitive

I love this game and the idea I just don’t like that you can basically memorize what certain choices in events do and it kinda takes the fun out of being the person chosen to make choices with little information that have big impacts. It also can get a bit repetitive when you see the same events over and over again along with the same planet names(literally half of my playthroughs end with Oceanus), but it still is a great game that I’d recommend.

Very Cool

This is a good game. It is free, has no ads and actually has interesting content. What keeps this game from 5 stars in my opinion, is that you can’t really get better at it. The randomness makes total sense because that is how space would be. The cost of that authenticity however, is that you may not do any better on playthroughs 90-100 than you did on playthroughs 0-10. There is not enough content within the game to modify your technique so to speak. Still for the price it is a solid pick up.

Enjoyable game, no stress UI

The fact that it runs so smoothly with a minimum of scrolling, efficient tap locations and no lag is just about as important as its well thought out writing - thank you for an excellent sci fi game!

Too good to be true

This is probably the best game in it's category in my opinion. Realistic situations, vast choices, and an ending that makes you play it all over again. I believe that it needs more additions, like illustrations that cooperate with the context, better visuals, and different intros that will make the game more diverse. You know, more like a tell-tale story game. In conclusion, it's a great game that misses a little bit of seasoning. Good job.

It’s free and it’s by an indie dev

Fun game, fun story!

Colony creation at its best!

I read reviews but seldom get swayed by what other gamers think of a game because, over years of gaming, it is clearly evident to me that most of them harbor a bias to one kind of game or another. I don't. I greatly enjoy a good romp amongst the stars as in Interstellar, or the occasional insanely long trek over various and changing terrain (think Skyrim), or even a voyage that takes me across galaxies with millions of explorable planets & moons, (No Man's Sky is in my mind for this.) All of the above are on PC of course, with very little reaching the caliber of those titles on iPhone or iPad. Then...along comes a game That is brave in every way possible! Seedship is a text based game, but not to worry - the author created ship system's and a great story without making the title overly difficult for those comprehension challenged. A very well crafted story of Mankind's final days along with a short exclamation of why everyone is frozen and the intelligent AI is "asleep at the wheel", all the while the mighty colony ship powers itself with sails, an obvious way to avoid fuel usage until planetary investigations are being done. You are the ship's AI, all decisions are yours to make - all consequences are also yours to shoulder. Find a world to set down on and start a colony. This is what every would-be explorer wants navigate, bear responsibility for critical decisions made in the moment, without the benefit of timely discussion with others. A fantastic game that is over before you begin to feel bored playing it. John Ayliff has given all those who have longed for a, straight up game of exploration and colonization without a complicated system for combat, which graphical games must rely on as they have little to no story. Play it once & you'll play it over and again as it is recreated each time it loads and events are changed as well. I love this title and would actually buy it if not for it being free, another point in favor of it.

Population isn’t realistic

This is kinda of bugging me , the game is amazing I love it so much it’s so deep and detailed and amazing , but can you like up the population of the ship? It kind of bothers me how low it is especially when I lose 850 people and I’m like , welp humanity is doomed , maybe make it like 10,000 but make the events kill more pods? I don’t know it’s a super dumb complaint and I love the game , I just wish the population was more realistic , but the game is amazing I love it , such good work!!


This game is probably the best game on my phone. You constantly have to judge the pros and cons of many situations. After way to much playing, I have come to know what the dangers of each situation are and can make better decisions. I hope there are more scenarios added so the game varies more each game. I have recommended Seedship to all my friends and if you are into sci-fi then I recommend it to you too.

Phenomenal Game!

Picked this game up hoping for a few hours of time wasted, and ended up with several weeks! This game is as simple as it is fun. And is it just me, or did this game get a major difficulty upgrade in the latest update?!

Great choice and thought game

Love this game. One game never seems to be enough, no matter what I tell myself when I open it. Just wish the past missions were kept in order but I show “invalid date” and can find no way to address the problem.

Hidden Gem!!!

This is a great game. I just wish there were more encounters, and a system repair function.

Play this game!

This is so freaking good that it actually makes me mad at the other games I have installed on my phone. There are no intrusive ads, the game is different every time you play it, it’s just really fun to experiment and see what will happen. Just try it, trust me!$?

I usually don’t care to write...

This game is exceptional. I’d love to see a sequel. Each game is just different enough that it keeps you hooked. Well done, good sir, well done!

More stuff

I’m getting bore pls add more stuff


This game is a must have! If you like science and sci-fi then this game is for you! No adds, entertaining gameplay, and it is quite easy yet hard at the same time! You should get this game! You’ll thank me later.

Great game!

A text based game where you are the AI of a ship designed as the last hope for humanity. You carry the final members of the human race as you find a planet for your frozen passengers to colonize. Judging the weight of your decisions, you must do what you think is best for your people and most decisions come at a cost. Great game with no downsides. I don't think you'll be disappointed, but even if you're the skeptical type it's a free game with no ads or in app purchases. Give it a try!

A simple and elegant game.

Very simple but genuinely enjoyable to play as a time passer.

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